Schoonbee Safari’s



This client is located in South Africa needed a site to attract more people to come down and take a thrilling hunting expedition in a beautiful land.

Client: Schoonbee Safaris
URL: http://www.johanschoonbeesafaris.com/
Site Layout, Animation & Graphics: Zabu Mutua
Development: Website World

LIT Underglow


LIT is a amazing sophisticated product that needed an avenue to showcase the lighting system online and allow users to try it out. This was the amazing result.

Client: LIT
URL: http://www.litstyle.com
Site Layout, Animation & Graphics: Zabu Mutua

Kind Industries

kindsmChad Martel’s Kind Industries is a full featured social network for models and photographers to showcase there work and network. While it’s still early in it’s development…it is worth watching as it grows.

Client: Kind Industries
URL: http://www.kindindustries.com
Site Layout, Animation & Graphics: Zabu Mutua

Panoak Gas


Panoak Oil and Gas Company needed to stand out from the competition and get it’s message of cleaner energy. What we came up with is a clean, stylish site that had just the right amount of colors. Pay them a visit and see for yourself.

Client: Panoak
URL: http://www.panoak.com
Site Layout, Animation & Graphics: Zabu Mutua
Video: Pinnacle Productions

Positive Image

Positive Image needed a makeover badly…so we took photos created a logo and matched the site to the theme of the facility.

Client: Positive Fitness
URL: http://www.positiveimage.com
Site Layout, Animation & Graphics: Zabu Mutua

Eyesunblinded Studios

eyesunblindedsmEyesunblinded Studios was the original idea that has grown into EUS Media. This site was to see how much flash could be used. While it might be overkill to some…it is still all in good fun, and worth a peek.

Client: Eyesunblined Studios
URL: http://www.eyesunblinded.com
Site Design& Development: Zabu Mutua

Salud Y Paz

saludysm Salud Y Paz in Guatemala was ready for a 2.0 site. They needed a way for volunteers and donors to stay in touch and know what is transpiring. We handled this task by combining high quality video and a easy to manage CMS (content management sytem)

Client: Salud Y Paz
URL: http://www.saludypaz.org
Site Layout & Development: Zabu Mutua
Video: Dave Harl, Pinnacle Productions

Ripple Effects Resources


Dr. Aaron Thompson PH.D. has been educating companies on human resource issues and decided to create a series of DVD’s to share the knowledge with a broader audience. We designed a site that would allow them to run an online store as well as provide information to visitors.

Client: Ripple Effects Resourses
URL: http://www.rippleeffectsresources.com
Site Layout, Logo,Development & Graphics: Zabu Mutua

Niell Sandler Ford


Neill Sandler Ford need a catch modern look to appeal to 3 demographics. EUS Media designed a site with a cool intro at the top to accomplish this task, without causing a distraction to the visitor. Take a look!

Client: Neill Sandler Ford
URL: http://www.neillsandlerford.com
Site Layout, Animation & Graphics: Zabu Mutua
Development: Website World

Christian Appalachian Project

The Christian Appalachian Project new website design presented a new opportunity for the large Non-Profit site to connect with web users. In a joint effort with Pinnalce Productions Video Services we were able to create a site that not only looks good with high end video and graphics, but is functional, updated regularly, can connect with exsiting social sites to broadcast.  The new design doubled donations and increased involvement by donors and volounteers.

Client: Christian Appalachian Project
URL: http://www.christianapp.org
Site Layout & Development: Zabu Mutua
Video: Dave Harl, Pinnacle Productions